How To Stay Sane While Planning for Your Wedding!

Friday, September 21, 2012

A "Style Me Pretty" Kind Of Wedding!

I had the honor of officiating Judy’s and Justin’s wedding this past March and today their celebration is wonderfully profiled on Style Me Pretty!

I love what I do because I get to work with some of the most generous and talented people you’ll ever find––and we all get to work together by collaborating on weddings for some of the most genuine and loving couples you’ll ever find!

Take a moment to read Judy’s andJustin’s story, take a look at their photos and you’ll understand what I mean. . .

Justin and I first met on July 11th (1 day before my birthday and 2 days after his!) My best friend and I just wanted to go out the two of us and grab a couple of drinks at a local bar and dance. I really wasn’t looking to dating anyone I was really happy being single and starting a new chapter in my life as a college grad. While my best friend and I were hanging out having a drink and enjoying good music a guy comes up to us and asks “What’s up, can I buy you two a drink.” We both looked at each other and said sure. My best friend told the guy (Justin) that it was my birthday the next day and he said no way mine was 2 days ago! We instantly had something in common and it just felt comfortable. Justin took us to his friends and I happen to know one of his friends from a bunch of college classes and another from high school…SMALL WORLD! We ended up dancing the night away together. At the end of the night he told me it would be an awesome birthday gift to get my number (haha cheesy, but so cute!) of course I gave it to him and he texted me “Had a great time with you, get home safe.” I thought that was sweet. We ended up hanging out the next day which was my birthday and the rest is history! Justin and I would talk on the phone for hours there was never an awkward silence or a dull moment. We are truly best friends. I remember telling friends that the next guy I fall in love with will be my husband and that came true!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm On The Huffington Post!

Although it’s been a while since I blogged here, I have been busy writing.  One of my goals for this year was to have a posting published on The Huffington Post and I’m thrilled to say that this month I became a blogger in the Weddings Section!


I recently met with a couple to finalize their ceremony.  When I asked how they were doing, Meredith, the bride, sighed, “Well, we’re not as happy as when we first met you.  We’re just so tired of dealing with people––we want it to be over!”

You don’t need me to tell you that planning a wedding is a wild, wacky emotional roller coaster ride.  But here’s the thing about emotions.  Emotions can either allow us to react to people and situations in a healthy way OR they can trip us up and cause us to sabotage our relationships and plans. 

What we “think” influences what we “feel.”

Emotions that prevent us from acting in a way that is in our own best interest are grounded in some very irrational thoughts—lies––we play so often in our heads that we simply accept them as true, even though they’re not.    

There are two common “lies” couples tell themselves while stressing with wedding planning.  Buy into them and your emotions quickly get out of whack.