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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Honor From "The Wedding Industry Experts" International Panel

I am honored to have been selected to be part of “The Wedding Industry Experts” International 2013 Panel of Wedding Officiants!  I’m especially flattered in light of what they state on their website:

“We consider the award winning members of our panels as role models that when you look at their work and achievements you think: "Wow - that's a person who is really doing it right".   Surrounding ourselves with those who are more skilled and knowledgeable can help us learn a lot more than we might alone.”

Thank you!

A Favorite "Thank You" Note

A few days ago I got a “thank you” note from a bride who’s wedding I recently officiated.  She wrote, “I am actually getting emotional thinking about all of it again. . . I always thought of the marriage ceremony part of a wedding as kind of the boring part of a wedding, but you really made it exciting and special for our guests and us and I can't thank you enough for that.  It's something I will remember forever.”

I was both grateful and surprised by her note as I oftentimes forget how people’s past experiences with ceremony and ritual can make them confused and apprehensive when they approach their own wedding ceremony.

I’m happy (and a bit smug!) that I was able to give this couple a ceremony that was anything but boring.  But her kind note also reminds me of what I have believed for a long time––that when done well ritual and ceremony refreshes rather than bores, inspires instead of deadening the spirit. 

When done well a ceremony reminds family and friends just what it is that they’re celebrating.  And this bride’s ceremony was just 12 minutes long––that’s shorter than my average ceremony (20 – 25 minutes), but it shows the emotional power of having cherished ones bear witness as you pledge your life together.

I’m happy this bride reminded me again of this great truth. . .