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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thanks VS. Stress – Which Wins Out?!

So, here’s another one of those posts that I had copied from somewhere, moved to a folder and then forgot about!

There’s been much written on “gratitude” in the past few years especially with Oprah having popularized the gratitude journal.  It’s not that I’m an ungrateful person, BUT I think I reacted in a stereotypical, New York jaded kind of way.  I deliberately avoided writing or speaking about gratitude in any of my blogs or talks.  And, yes, I feel rather embarrassed writing that!

Recently, though, I’ve rediscovered the power of mindfully making the giving of thanks a part of my daily ritual. 

I don’t recall where I found the following snippet, but in rediscovering it, it occurred to me that perhaps wedding stress could be reduced if, each day, you followed the exercise suggested in the article – except, make the “three things” all related to your wedding.

Hey, it’s worth a try and I think you’ll be surprised – for the good!

Try This Gratitude Exercise

For the next five days, do the following daily:

Think of three things that happened that day for which you’re grateful. Jot them down. As days pass, you may notice that you’re now on the lookout throughout the day for reasons to be grateful. You may easily come up with a dozen candidates that you’ll winnow to three for your list—and your attitude will perk up as you start to see the world in a more positive light, says Jacqueline Lewis, co-founder of the World Gratitude Map and blogger at

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